Sports Concussion Institute | Excellence in Concussion Management

The Sports Concussion Institute (SCI) was established to address the comprehensive needs of the athlete who has sustained a concussion in order to facilitate his or her recovery and safe, confident return to play. The highly experienced and skilled medical and professional staff of SCI are dedicated to "excellence in concussion management," providing high level services in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and overall care of the concussed athlete.

Overall Approach and Philosophy of the Institute:
  • Intensive, short-term cognitive rehabilitative model.
  • Efficient, high-quality services aimed at reducing and managing symptoms in order to facilitate a patient's quick and safe return to play, school, and life.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation.

The Sports Concussion Institute is comprised of three clinics: the Mild Head Injury Clinic (which houses the SCI Baseline Testing Program), the Pain Management Clinic, and the Memory Disorders Clinic. Each of these clinics function together to provide the best combination of services possible to prevent, diagnose, and treat concussion.