Pain Management Clinic

Many athletes and patients who have sustained a concussion experience pain problems, including headache, back pain, and neck pain. Treatment of these problems following a concussion is vital to the recovery process, as untreated pain symptoms can prolong recovery time and contribute to the cognitive and emotional symptoms of concussion.

The Pain Management Clinic is designed to foster efficient and effective treatment of pain symptoms, particularly those associated with concussion. Pain is almost always multi-factorial in nature, meaning that there are physical, psychological, and social factors contributing to the experience of pain. Patients of SCI's Pain Management Clinic can expect to receive a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of their particular pain problem.

Following the initial evaluation, prompt recommendations and treatment will ensue. This may include:

  • Medical treatment and follow-up by a physician (e.g., analgesic medications, injections, interventional procedures, etc.)
  • Ongoing behavioral intervention or therapy (e.g., biofeedback, relaxation training)
  • Complementary and alternative interventions (e.g., acupuncture/acupressure, therapeutic massage, nutritional counseling, etc.)
  • A neuropsychiatry consultation, or referral to our network of specialists (e.g., physical therapy and symptom specific functional restoration)

SCI Integrated Pain Program